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Early Years Intervention Tools


There are many things that you can do at home to support your child’s communication development.
Take a look at our ‘top tips’ and ‘resources’  for ideas. 
If your child is pre-school age and does not have a medical diagnosis or a stammer, you need to choose one activity below from List A and at least one activity for List B and carry these out for a minimum of 10 weeks with your child. 
Have a look at our ‘Just CHAT – information for parents’ for more information about this.
If you are unsure what activities to do with your child, please contact our parent advice line 
Please try carrying out a screening of your child’s communication beforehand if you can. Just have a go, any information will be helpful if you need to chat with one of our team.
Referrals from schools will need to use one of the following intervention tools