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Employing an independant Speech and Language Therapist.
Important things to check:
  • Are they registered with Health and Care Professions Council?
  • Do they have experience in working with children similar to your child?
  • Do they have regular supervision from a more experienced therapist?
  • Do they have professional insurance?
  • If they say they are specialist in certain areas, e.g. autism, developmental language disorder, they should be actively working with this client group most of the time 
  • They should inform ECCH, as the local NHS service, when they start seeing your child for assessment or intervention
  • They should actively work with ECCH regarding the assessments and interventions they are providing, because other assessments and/or interventions can be unhelpful to your child
  • It is best practice for all reports to be shared between the practitioner and ECCH. The practitioner should ask whether you consent to reports being sent to ECCH
It is also worth discussing your child’s needs with more than one independent therapist, even if an individual has been recommended to you. Different therapists suit different children and you want to make the right choice.
Finally, don’t choose a therapist just because they are nice. Make sure they have the clinical knowledge and skills your child needs.
Find an independent therapist
ECCH's speech and language therapists are not able to recommend individual private therapists or practices. However they are able to recommend what intervention your child needs, and the skills a therapist should have to be able to meet their needs. 
ECCH is happy to discuss your child's needs with their private therapist. Having a private therapist does not mean your child cannot access the local NHS service provided by ECCH. It is important that any parallel working compliments each provision, rather than confusing it.