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Screening & Intervention

The most important thing when thinking about whether to refer a child for Speech and Language Therapy is that they get the right support, in the right place, at the right time. This might mean that your child does not need to be seen by Speech and Language Therapy, but may benefit from some simple strategies at home, preschool or school to boost their communication development.
In order to provide the correct support for your child, referrals to our service need to evidence that your child has an identified and persistent speech, language or communication need.
This evidence needs to be one of the following
  • your child has a medical diagnosis that has a strong association with communication difficulties, for example Down’s Syndrome
  • your child has a stammer
  • your child has completed a short intervention from our list of recommended activities for 10-12 weeks and has made little or no progress.
During this period of Covid-19 we have extended the resources and support available to parents. This means that you can evidence this even if your child is not currently attending their school or setting. 

Have a look at this video for more information

When you have done your activities with your child for 10-12 weeks, please use our intervention form to record the intervention you have provided and the progress made.  This can then be submitted as your evidence alongside your referral form

Download the intervention form here

Checking out your child’s communication

You will need to use a screening tool and interventions from our menu of options. Have a look at the video above for more information about how to do this.
If your child is currently attending their setting or school, they will be able to complete a screen and do some interventions with your child from our menu of options.
Different schools and settings will use different screens and interventions. They will choose these based on the following factors:
  • The needs of the children in the setting
  • The funding available
  • The team's experience and training
These resources can be found below.