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Screening & Intervention

All referrals need to evidence an identified and persistent Speech Language and Communication Need
This can be by
  • A child having a diagnosis that has a strong association with speech language and communication difficulties eg. Down Syndrome
  • A child has completed one cycle of assess, plan, do, review and made little or no progress. 
This cycle must include
  1. An initial screen
  2. A targeted intervention consisting of a minimum of 2 x week for 10 - 12 weeks
  3. A re-screen (using the same screen)


Please use our intervention form to record the intervention you have provided and the progress made.  This can then be submitted as evidence of an identified and persistent SLCN along with your 2 screening record forms.

Download the intervention form here

Communication Screening

You will need to use a screen and interventions from our menu of options.
These are detailed below, so you can take into account
  • Your cohort’s needs
  • Your funding
  • Your team's experience and training