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Norfolk Infant, Junior and Primary schools survey

1. If you have responsibility for more than one school, please submit a survey response for each separately

What key stages do you and your staff support?

2. Your Contact Details

3. What are your expectations/what are you hoping you will gain from cluster link visits/liaison?


4. How confident are you and your staff identifying children with SLCN?


5. How confident are you and your staff using the screening tools you have access to?


6. How confident are you and your staff providing intervention to support different aspects of SLCN?


7. School Profile (children may be in more than one category e.g. benefiting from universal support and targeted support from school)


8. What screening tools does your school use with any children you have concerns about?


9. What training have you or your staff previously accessed?


10. What are your staff team's SLCN training needs?