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smiLE Therapy is a structured, specific therapy for students with special communication
needs. It focuses on the ‘live’ face-to-face interaction between these students and people
unfamiliar with their needs, in everyday life situations. smiLE Therapy was developed
specifically for Deaf/hearing impaired students but is now suitable for children, young
adults and students up to age 25 who have other communication needs due
to Developmental Language Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and
Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

This training, provided by a member of the smiLE Therapy team, will provide you with an
introduction to smiLE Therapy and give you the basics to start delivering smiLE Therapy
with your pupils. It focuses on the key principles, structure and methodology of this
innovative therapy and introduces the 10 steps in every smiLE Therapy module.

Learning outcomes

• Learn the ten steps of every smiLE Therapy module and understand the structure, key
principles and methodology of this innovative therapy
• Learn how to implement key aspects of the therapy
• Provide you with the skills to deliver a therapy that effectively prepares pupils with
social skills & communication skills for life


Cost: £110 - Including lunch (including VAT) per delegate


To apply for this training please complete the online application form or call us on 01493 808630